What insurance do we offer your startup?

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Get protection against potential claims and disputes that could lead to expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Public Liability Insurance

As a startup, almost every contract you will be asked to execute with a new client will seek confirmation of Public Liability Insurance.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber-attacks, operational errors or technical failures can paralyse your startup, leading to financial loss and lasting reputational damage.

Management Liability Insurance

It is important to protect the directors and officers of your startup from the exposures that can arise from the day-to-day management of any company.

Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual Property is one of the largest risk exposures to your startup. Therefore, your IP rights need the same protection as your physical assets.

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We understand the evolving startup landscape and are committed to education and mentorship for aspiring startup founders. Watch the video to learn more.

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Why Startupcover?
Startupcover is an insurance program designed for Australian startups.
Our friendly and passionate insurance brokers, will help select insurance policies based on the specific needs of your startup.

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