What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Our lives are dominated by ever-evolving technology. Think for a moment about how your daily personal and business life would be impacted if you no longer had access to the internet or mobile technologies you’ve come to rely upon.

Cyber-attacks, operational errors or technical failures have the ability to paralyse you and your startup, leading to significant financial loss, regulatory issues and lasting reputational damage.

Key protection features of our Cyber Liability policies:

  • IT security and forensics costs
  • System damage and rectification costs
  • System business interruption
  • Consequential reputational harm.
  • Cyber extortion costs


Cyber Liability Insurance policies have been developed to address the first and third-party impacts which can result from a cyber-incident (whether an external malicious attack or an internal accidental error by someone in your team).

Startupcover assesses the risks of your startup and offers the appropriate policies suitable to your needs.

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