What is Management Liability Insurance?

Consider that your Public Liability Insurance will protect a business against costs arising from claims made by third parties including injury and property damage, but will typically exclude exposures that a Management Liability policy will cover.

Management Liability Insurance protects the Directors and Officers of your startup, as well as the company against a Wrongful Act committed in the management of the company which presents significant exposures that can arise in general day-to-day activities for any company.

Key protection features of our Management Liability policies:

  • Workplace Health & Safety incidents
  • Employment Issues (ie. unfair dismissal, failure to promote, etc.)
  • Tax Audits / Investigations
  • Employee Theft
  • Your actions as a Director or Officer
  • Statutory Liability


The purpose of a Management Liability policy is to protect the directors and officers of your startup from the exposures that can arise from the day-to-day management of any company.

Startupcover assesses the risks of your startup and offers the appropriate policies suitable to your needs.

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