What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is an essential business cover.  As a startup, almost every contract you will be asked to execute with a new customer or client will seek confirmation of Public Liability Insurance.

Why? Because your clients need reassurance that protection is available should property be damaged or a person is injured.

For example – if you work with clients or customers, in public spaces, visit spaces owned or controlled by others, have visitors to your premises, or manufacture products; Public Liability Insurance is your best defence against potentially costly personal injury or property damage claims.

Key protection features of our Public Liability policies:

  • Damage to your client’s or another person’s property or goods
  • Bodily injury of your client, employee or visitor
  • Financial and legal costs

This insurance allows you to select the level of Liability Cover you would like to take out. Get in touch with our friendly team for further information.

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