The age breakdown of Australian Facebook users in September 2017 [Infographic]

14 September 2017


The product or service that your startup is offering will have its own unique target market.  

A startup which offers relaxing holiday deals for example may intentionally try to target the older demographic of retired people who might be more willing to take holidays than a 30 year old who has just had their first born baby.

There is also no denying the fact that the Gen Z are growing up in a time where technology is being exposed and utilised on a day-to-day basis like never before.

Before devising the product or service for your startup, you need to obtain a strong understanding of what age group you are targeting, and then use well planned out marketing tactics to reach your target market in the most effective way possible.

Startup founders will often ask themselves questions such as “How do I find my target market?” or “I have a great startup, but why can’t I make money?” or “How is the best way to reach the people I want to?”

Understanding which marketing channels will best reach your intended target market, is the best way to start answering these questions.

Let’s use Facebook as a case study, which is one of the many social many channels that are currently leading the way with marketing reach.

Everyone knows Facebook is booming at the moment.  Of the 24 million population size in Australia, a staggering 17 million are using Facebook. This stat alone provides assurance that 75% of Australians can be found on the Facebook social media network.

Now let’s dig further into Facebook. Of the 17 million current users, the age breakdown as of September 2017 is as follows:




What does this mean?

It means that over 6 million Australians aged between 25-39 are using Facebook and over 13 million Australians aged between 18-55 are using it. Huge numbers!

To add further,  this group of people aren’t just using it for 5 minutes a day.  The average user of a Facebook account will spend over 5 hours of their day on Facebook!

Are you trying to sell your product or service to people within these ages? If the answer is yes and you aren’t using Facebook, you are missing out. But it’s not too late!

It’s one thing to be on Facebook, but it’s another to perform well on it.  As more and more awareness is being created about Facebook and the opportunities it provides for startups to develop their brand, the more and more competitive it gets.

However if your startup is unique and is a meaningful solution that your target market needs to know about, then it will jump up the pecking order of similar startups that you are competing with (even if they have been on Facebook for longer). Facebook algorithms will allow content that is creative, useful, exciting, and new to show up in higher percentages of news-feeds.

Facebook is just one of many social media channels which is booming.  It’s important to always keep an eye on internet trends and on app stores, to see what is up-and-coming and what your target market is using.


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